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Stamp out the risk of fraud with the
SkyQR digitally Signed QR code

Fraud remains prevalent, with many organisations and individuals vulnerable to document tampering and fraud.


The SkyQR document validation and verification QR code removes this risk!

Download the SkyQR app to validate and verify critical documents including bank statements and invoices through to identity documents, proof of address, university degrees and vaccination certificates. We are providing organisations and users with an easy-to-use digital code to prevent document fraud.


SkyQR provides assurance and peace of mind that no modifications have been made

Trusted by Capitec, South Africa’s largest digital bank, with over 115 million unique codes already generated for them, the SkyQR ‘stamp of approval’ is leading the way for ease of use and secure, ‘tamper-proof’ and validated documentation.

Secure, Simple and Seamless!


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Is your organization a victim of document fraud

  • Secure your documents.
  • Offset costs by recouping a validation' fee from third parties needing to verify documents.
  • Easily integrate SkyQR into Your existing environment.
  • Secure enough for educational institutions. banks.
    municipalities, payroll companies. Governments and more.

Our clients are our partners!

Capitec Bank, South Africa's largest bank with over 18 million customers now includes the SkyQR on:

  • Bank Statements
  • Account Confirmations
  • Payment Notifications

Use Cases

Proof of Residence


Payslip Confirmation


Account Confirmation


University Degree


Enterprise Clients

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