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Easily integrate SkyQR into your existing environment. Suitable for banks, invoice issuers, payroll companies, tertiary education, government and health care.

Secure your documents.

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For organisations


Prevent bank documents from being modified and prove the bank created the document.

  • Account Confirmation Letters
  • Payment Notifications
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Certificates


Include the SkyQR code as Proof of Address validation and immediate payment of Invoices.

Invoice Issuers

Prevent fraudsters from modifying banking details on Invoices and provide immediate payment options.

Wire Transfer Companies

Include SkyQR code as proof of of payment.

Payroll Companies

Prevent fraudulent creation of payslips.


Include a SkyQR code on birth and death certificates, passports, identity document, title deeds and vaccine certificates.


School and University certificates, degrees and diplomas.

Payment Portals

Include SkyQR code on PayPal, Amazon, SWIFT (MT 103) and other payment platforms.

Liquor Industry

Include SkyQR code on labels as proof of authenticity.

And so much more …
The possibilities are endless!

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Capitec Bank, South Africa's largest bank with over 18 million customers now includes the SkyQR on:

  • Bank Statements
  • Account Confirmations
  • Payment Notifications

How it works


Use Cases

Proof of Residence


Payslip Confirmation


Account Confirmation


University Degree


Our bespoke offering across differrent industries

SKYQR holds enormous opportunity across a myriad of different industries and
organisation types.Scroll through our service offering below:

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services are some of the most document intensive industries, dealing with millions of financial transactions daily – all of which need to be monitored, documented and analysed on a regular basis. These documents can range from simple bank account statements to cheques, trade finance, various types of transactional banking documents, payment instructions, supporting documents and so much more. Unfortunately, billions of rands of fraud takes place on an annual basis that costs individuals, third parties and the banking industry unnecessary expense. With SkyQR, it is possible to secure and automate several of these documents to improve the credibility and reduce processing time.

Examples of relevant documents within Banking and Financial Services include:

  • Proof of Payment
  • Bank Statement
  • Account Confirmation


Government issued documents form the basis of establishing the identity of individuals. In addition, the government also issues documents such as permits, licenses and taxation related papers.

    Examples of relevant documents within Government institutions include:

  • Unabridged Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • PCR Test
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Car License Disk
  • Death Certificate
  • Passport


Educational certificates and documents play a critical role in a person's life and career. It starts with the first job or application to another institution of learning and continues through subsequent employment changes, global transfers requiring work and employment passes and many more. The ability to trust these documents, and the information contained in them, is essential to establish a person's credentials. SkyQR ensures exactly this whilst also removing any reputational risk from the institutions sending the documents.

    Examples of relevant documents within Education include:

  • University Degree
  • School Certificate


Municipalities are responsible for the delivery of services that its citizens use daily, taking care of the basic needs of its community. As part of this, the flow or furnishing of certain documents is required to facilitate this process.

    Examples of relevant documents within Municipalities include:

  • Invoices
  • Proof of Residence


Documentation within a company plays many roles. It pertains to all the documentation that is required across the myriad of activities that take place. This can range from processes and operations through to ensuring compliance and efficient audit trails, amongst others.

    Examples of relevant documents within Companies include:

  • Invoices
  • Payslips
  • Contracts
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employment Agreements

Frequently asked questions


  • Document security refers to the integrity of information in a document. Any individual or system looking at the document should be able to trust its content and feel assured that is has not been manipulated or tampered with. They must be able to do it without having access to the source of the information. SkyQR helps ensure this with its unique technology.

  • You can ideally use it for any document of value that leaves your organisation and that may need to be trusted by third parties. Examples include certificates, IDs, receipts, invoices, letters of undertaking, letters of references, employment letters, pay slips, contracts, trade documents,and more.

  • SkyQR technology gives you the flexibility to use it for both printed and electronic documents. Unlike some other solutions in the market, SkyQR is not restricted to working with only one type of document.

  • The information you generate is accurate but once it leaves the boundaries of your organisation, there is often a need to verify it for onward processing. SkyQR helps to do this seamlessly and protects your organisation from malicious attempts to manipulate this information which could be a reputation and/or a monetary risk to the producer of the information.

  • SkyQR’s secure code is designed to be placed on documents that may last more than 50 years, such as university transcripts, degrees, birth certificates, etc. The technology has also been developed in direct response to how most fraud takes place and to prevent it being possible from the outset.