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We often receive documents
in need of verification.

Our easy-to-use SkyQR app gives you access to the latest in digital security and prevents you from falling prey to fraudsters! Peace of Mind. Guaranteed.

To validate documents containing the SkyQR code, follow the easy steps below:

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Troubleshooting &
Frequently asked questions

Encountering Problems?

  • If a document contains a SkyQR code, it is either poor quality or a forged document. Request a better-quality document.

  • Ensure that your cell phone’s camera lens is clean.
  • Tap on the screen if your camera does not auto focus.
  • Move your phone towards the QR code and up or down so that the image fits in the on-screen view finder.
  • Holding the phone too close to the QR code will render it out of focus and prevent successful scanning.
  • Tap the flashlight icon to switch on the flashlight in poor light conditions.

  • Open the SkyQR image using the application (WhatsApp, Telegram, photo editor, etc.)
  • Select the Share or Copy icon on the imaging view.
  • Select the SkyQR app from the list of apps presented that can be copied or shared to.

  • Choose Scan from Image option in the SkyQR app.
  • Select the image from your camera roll/photo gallery.
  • The SkyQR app opens and automatically reads the SkyQR code from the image selected.

  • Open the document containing the SkyQR code using your preferred document reader app.
  • Select the Share or Copy icon in the document reader app.
  • Select the SkyQR app from the list of apps presented that can be copied or shared to.
  • The SkyQR application opens and automatically reads the SkyQR code embedded in your document.


  • Document security refers to the integrity of information in a document. Any individual or system looking at the document should be able to trust its content and feel assured that is has not been manipulated or tampered with. They must be able to do it without having access to the source of the information. SkyQR helps ensure this with its unique technology.

  • You can ideally use it for any document of value that leaves your organisation and that may need to be trusted by third parties. Examples include certificates, IDs, receipts, invoices, letters of undertaking, letters of references, employment letters, pay slips, contracts, trade documents,and more.

  • SkyQR technology gives you the flexibility to use it for both printed and electronic documents. Unlike some other solutions in the market, SkyQR is not restricted to working with only one type of document.

  • The information you generate is accurate but once it leaves the boundaries of your organisation, there is often a need to verify it for onward processing. SkyQR helps to do this seamlessly and protects your organisation from malicious attempts to manipulate this information which could be a reputation and/or a monetary risk to the producer of the information.

  • SkyQR’s secure code is designed to be placed on documents that may last more than 50 years, such as university transcripts, degrees, birth certificates, etc. The technology has also been developed in direct response to how most fraud takes place and to prevent it being possible from the outset.

Enterprise clients validate documents containing the SkyQR code, use the:

SkyQr Mobile application

SkyQR desktop application

SkyQR web application


Enterprise Clients

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  • Prevent fraud
  • Ease of use
  • A single app
  • High-level security
  • Marketing
  • Additional security
  • Attractive and easy to use interface
  • Ease of integration
  • Charge 3rd parties for validation

Enterprise Clients

Read more on each of our trusted clientele

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